I am in Curitaba and about to have a burger, it was the cheapest thing on the hotel menu. Three hours at the airport, UK, was mad! Was through all checks in about 10 mins, even though I set off alarms and was thoroughly felt over several times. Ps they are obviously killing the cow! It is taking a while. I was sat next to a mother and two children on the plane and when the film I was watching became naughty I felt I had to turn it off. So watch House of Cards, the American version. It was not as creepy as the English version, Francis Urquat was very creepy. Oh meanwhile it is raining outside. Lots of people and traffic around, it is lunchtime. Anyway they gave us dinner at midnight, on the plane, with red wine, and then breakfast this morning, the coffee was rubbish. Then we hit São Paulo airport, horrible. Waited ages then short flight here. No one here to collect, I picked up an email to say sorry at hotel, whoops! Anyway me and taxi driver, no English, decided on a price and I arrived her. I am on the 12th floor so have to take the lift, and the room is great. I have already seen an ibis type bird and a white crane. I was going to explore a bit but the rain has put me off, also shattered. Burger arrived so I have to eat.



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